Invisalign® and Retainers Working Together

Retainers are a crucial part of keeping teeth straight after Invisalign® aligner treatment has concluded. Learn about retainers and how they can help you after your primary orthodontic treatment is over.

SET Retainers

After any orthodontic treatment concludes a retainer is necessary to maintain the teeth’s new alignment long term. Dr. LoPresti and his team recommend retainers after Invisalign® to be worn every night- without exception. Dr. LoPresti recommends retainer replacement every 1-2 years although experience shows some people need new retainers even more frequently.

Removable Retainers

At SET, Dr. LoPresti recommends Vivera retainers. With Vivera, you will get 4 sets of retainers so you are covered for years, and in the event you lose or break a set of retainers. Find out more about Vivera retainers below.

Whether or not you are interested in Invisalign® to correct your current condition or you are in need of fresh retainers- schedule a consult today to get a complimentary scan to learn more about Vivera retainers.

Learn More About Vivera Retainers

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