SET Teeth Whitening Membership

The Whitening Membership at SET $65/month to maintain that bright, white smile

  • One whitening maintenance visit per month (after your initial in-office whitening)
  • 10% discount on in-store retail products
  • Finance your entire whitening experience
    • Includes initial in-office whitening and 6 months of membership
    • Zero interest, zero downpayments for 6 months through Lending Point if approved.
  • Additional touch-ups available (as approved by dental professional @ $50 per additional touch-up)
  • Refer a friend, they become a member and you both get the next month free (some limitations apply)

Renewal & Cancellation Policies

  • Cancel anytime (give 30 days’ notice)
  • Membership automatically renews after 6 months (Our team will check in before renewal)
  • Auto payments of $65 will begin the following month
  • Auto payments are scheduled for 1st of the month regardless of when you start

More Questions?

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