Teeth Whitening Process

SET Whitening & Invisalign® Studio

Step 1: Complimentary Whitening Consult

In this visit: We will determine if you are a candidate for professional whitening with radiographs, photos & digital impressions/scans, and gum health evaluation. Your dental professional will work with you to create a personalized whitening journey for you.

Step 2: In-Office Whitening

You and your Dental Professional will choose between our two in-office whitening options.  GLO Science or Zoom Professional.  The in-office whitening treatment itself takes approximately 60-90 minutes. First, your teeth are polished and a protective barrier is placed along the gum line to protect them. A whitening solution will then be applied to your teeth at specific intervals and reapplied based on your custom whitening plan. A special light is used to activate the solution and make the process more efficient.

After the whitening, your mouth will be rinsed and a desensitizing solution applied as needed. We will also provide you with a take-home sensitivity toothpaste to use after treatment.

Step 3: Maintenance

  • Maintenance is necessary to make your
    professional whitening results last
  •  This can be done at home with custommade
    whitening trays
  • For those who struggle to stay in the habit of
    at-home maintenance, we offer a Whitening

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